Thee Creative Agency

Thee Creative Agency, A Division at Events World Television provides an open air, clean and comfortable environment for a wide array of projects, #1 Live or recorded Talk Show production and broadcast. Produced or director assistance by our courteous and friendly staff. Webisode live streaming to your social media form one of custom designed to fit you {virtual sets) has become very popular. Call for rate 404-333-8770

INCLUDING: Digital Photography, Advertisement Media, Creative commercials, content editing, product photography and tabletop digital designs. Our facility features an keurig espresso-beverage bar, make-up, wardrobe and image consulting. One of ASA's partners is certified as a Chef, making ASA well suited for a chef's reality show production and food photography. Additionally, the studio offers plenty of open floor space and hard set dressing with 20 Foot. garage door access for easy load-in.


ASA Studios features a 38' X 38 X 20' Green Screen for CGi Virtual Film Production and Virtual Set Show Production Themes.

Huge 38 x 38 x 20 White Infinity Screen for Digital branding projects and photography needs

Corporate Conference room: full eight placement seating with 60" Smart TV blue tooth and HDMi presentation connecting, printer-fax

Kitchen for catered food settings: Coffee bar Keurig, Refrigerator, Microwave and washing area

Television Production Guest view Room: Equipped with State of the Art Newtek Tricasters, switcher, Virtual Set Editor, wireless Audio, sound and content editing integration lab

Full Camera Production Options (Recently Added Sony's Full Production Cameras. SDI/HDMI with 4K, 1080p or 720HD Options

* Film Production is available *Crane *Keno Flows Lights *Audio *Engineering *Fabrication *Cameras

Full Line of Premium Nikon DSLR/SLR Cameras: and tons of lenses to choose from

Full Salon Area: Shower - Dressing rooms, two stylist and Makeup Booths

Stages: Two full 12 x 12 x 1ft. Performance and Theme Prop Stages

* Front and Rear parking entrances

* Creative Ads, Marketing and Content Distribution Services On-Premises

* Full Video, Film and Broadcast In-House Production Team

* In-House Professional Photographers

* Acting, Reporting and Anchor Media Coaching Available (ADVANCE MASS COMM,CLASS)Enrolling Now

    ASA Television Studios is available for booking (24) hours a day. Rates are are determined by your project.

    OFFICE HOURS 10AM TILL 5PM. Ph.1-404-333-8770 (After Hours & Field Project Phone) 1-678-695-8810 Fax. 770-674-4731

  1. We are located center point to Dekalb, Gwinnett and Fulton County. Nestled in the heart of Chamblee Georgia near Brook haven area north Atlanta. City of Chamblee is named Atlanta's #1 Film Production Friendliest City